About us

Hi there,


We are Sevi and Georgia.The people behind the Roots. Or above them? Whatever. Now about our story so far…


The year was 2017. We met during a challenging, dark and vulnerable time in our lives. Yes, you guessed right, we met while working retail. We connected right away and realized we had the same purpose in life.We wanted to create work that would give us freedom. Work that would nurture expression and aesthetic liberation.But how could we turn that into a job and make a living out of it? Was that even an option?


All friends at some point joke about opening their own bar and running it the way they always dreamed. This business for us is exactly that. In 2019, we took a leap of faith and turned into reality our childhood dream of making jewelry for us and our friends (of course we had the same childhood dream, this was a karmic acquaintance). We wanted to put down roots of our own, so we started by making it the name of our brand.


The Roots Handmade is essentially a collection of all the jewelry and accessories we wish already existed. It is the way our bohemian aesthetics and vintage influences meet our contemporary way of living. But most of all, it is everything we want to wear ourselves. Crafting our pieces reminds us daily that we don’t have to find a way to fit in, when we can stand out. We hope you feel the same wearing them.